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Fingerprint Recognition Sensor

The Fingerprint recognition sensor ID1019R is a low-power design with its own wake-on-touch function and is extremely stable.

The Fingerprint recognition sensor ID1019R series is a new generation of secure fingerprint recognition modules from ID World with a low power consumption design, a wake-on-touch function and a high level of stability. ID811, which enhances the user experience while increasing the security of fingerprint products.


Sensor type: Capacitive

Resolution: 508 DPI

Image pixel array: 192 x 192

Fingerprint capacity: 500 fingerprints

Matching time: <0.2s (1:N and N≤100)

False recognition rate: <0.001%

Rejection rate: <2%

Operating voltage: 3.3V

Operating current: <40mA

Sleep current: <16uA

Communication interface: UART (TTL level)

Communication baud rate: 115200bps

The Fingerprint recognition sensor ID1019R is suitable for the embedded fingerprint recognition market such as fingerprint locks, fingerprint cases and fingerprint KEYs.

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