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Semiconductor fingerprint head


Semiconductor fingerprint head IDWD1019R takes the high performance ID808/809 processor as the core, uses the semiconductor fingerprint sensor, the fingerprint image is clear, the dry and wet fingerprint effect is good. It has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, fast acquisition speed, good adaptability of dry and wet fingers, strong anti-counterfeiting ability and so on. Using standard UART communication, together with SDK development kit, to meet the customer fingerprint input, image processing, template generation, fingerprint ratio equal fingerprint recognition needs. IDFinger fingerprint algorithm is very excellent, which not only has fast and accurate fingerprint recognition speed, but also has the function of learning and self-improvement. when the fingerprint changes, the new fingerprint features are automatically stored in the product, which achieves the purpose of automatically adapting to the fingerprint change and makes the fingerprint products easier to use.

technical parameter:

project description

Model: IDWD1019R

CPU: ID809811

Fingerprint sensor: dpi: 508 pixels:192*192

Fingerprint capacity: 80200500

FAR:<0.001% (Security Level is 3)

FRR:<0.1% (Security Level is 3)

Comparison method: 1:N and 1:1 comparison

Fingerprint template size: 448Byte

Security level setting: Level 1 to Level 5 can be set, factory setting value: Level 3

Processing speed: fingerprint feature extraction time<1 second 1: N comparison time (when 200 full registrations) <0.8 second

Communication interface: UART, 3.3V-TTL level

Baud rate: Baud rate is 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 (bps) Factory setting: 115200bps

Working voltage: Win voltage: DC3.3V±10%

Working current:<40mA

Working environment: working temperature: -10℃- 60℃ relative humidity: 20%-80%

Semiconductor fingerprint IDWD1019R applicable scope: fingerprint safe, fingerprint door lock, fingerprint filing cabinet, fingerprint attendance, fingerprint access control, fingerprint vehicle anti-theft equipment, online applications and so on.


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