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Semiconductor fingerprint reader

The semiconductor fingerprint reader ID1019 runs on a new generation of self-learning fingerprint recognition technology, which is highly adaptable to different types of fingers


The semiconductor fingerprint reader ID1019 is an all-in-one fingerprint module with an integrated capacitive fingerprint sensor, fingerprint algorithm and microprocessor. It interfaces with the host computer via a UART interface for image acquisition, feature extraction, template generation, fingerprint entry, verification and identification. The easy-to-use control protocol facilitates secondary development and allows for fast module design into the user's product, allowing for flexible fingerprint applications.


The product has the following main features.

Maximum capacity of 500 fingerprints

Fingerprint recognition speed: 0.35S@1:100

Dynamic update of fingerprint template data

Support for fingerprint template import and export

Support wake-up by touch function


Technical parameters.

Number of stored fingerprints up to 500

1:1 verification time of approx. 200-300ms

Communication with the host computer by UART, USB and SPI (default UART)

Capacitive sensor

Pixel resolution of the sensor is 508dpi

Sensor pixel count is 192x192

Fingerprint detection area 9.6mm x 9.6mm

360° fingerprint recording and matching

Sensor bezel size is 12.8mm x 12.8mm

Scratch resistance of the sensor is 6H

Anti-static rating of +/-15kV

Operating environment is -40-60°C/<RH 90%

Dimensions are 33.2mm long, 20.4mm wide and 6.1mm high


Semiconductor fingerprint reader ID1019 application areas: semiconductor fingerprint locks, fingerprint access control, fingerprint KEY, bank teller management system, security, education and other handheld mobile terminal POS machines, etc.

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