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Capacitive Fingerprint Identification Sensor

Capacitive Fingerprint Identification Sensor ID160 is a secondary development module, customers only need to call the module's simple protocol to quickly develop various fingerprint products.

Capacitive Fingerprint Identification Sensor ID160 is a secondary development module. Adopt ID811 high-performance main control chip, capacitive fingerprint sensor, run independent high-security IDFinger fingerprint algorithm, support fingerprint collection, fingerprint image processing, fingerprint image optimization, fingerprint calculation, fingerprint conversion, fingerprint feature value extraction, fingerprint comparison, etc. technology, customers can quickly develop various fingerprint products only by calling the simple protocol of the module.

Product Specifications:

Sensor Type - Capacitive Sensor

Resolution - 508 DPI

Image Pixel Array - 160×160

Fingerprint capacity - 200 pieces

Comparison time-<500 ms (1:N, and N≤100)

Falsehood rate - < 0.001%

Rejection rate - < 2%

Working voltage -3.3V

Operating current - < 40mA

Sleep Current - < 16uA

Communication interface - UART

Communication baud rate - 115200 bps

Working environment - temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C; humidity: 40%RH ~ 85%RH (no frost)

Storage Environment - Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C; Humidity: < 85%RH (no frost)

The Capacitive Fingerprint Identification Sensor ID160 can be widely integrated into industries that require fingerprint authentication.

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