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Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner Module

The capacitive fingerprint scanner module has clear imaging and excellent image quality, and has good imaging quality for dry, wet and rough fingers, and is widely used by people.

The capacitive fingerprint scanner module ID1019R is a semiconductor fingerprint comparison module specially developed for various integrated devices. The imaging is clear, the image quality is excellent, and the dry, wet and rough fingers have good imaging quality, and it is widely used by people. ID1019R supports Windows, Android and other system development, which is convenient to be embedded in various terminal devices.


Sensor Type - Capacitive

Effective Image Size - 9.6mm x 9.6mm

Image Resolution - 508 dpi

Image size - 192x192 pixels

Fingerprint recognition time-<0.1 seconds (1:1), <0.5 seconds (1:N, 100 pieces)

Fingerprint user capacity - 500ID

Fingerprint Enrollment Time - < 3 seconds

Fingerprint comparison method-1:1 / 1:N

Authentic rejection rate (FRR)-<2%

False Recognition Rate (FAR)-<0.001%

Communication interface-TTL

Supported Systems - Windows; Android; Embedded

Working voltage - DC 3.3

Operating current - < 40 mA

Operating temperature -10°C~55°C

Working humidity-20-93% R.H

Working humidity-<90%R.H (non-condensing)

Storage humidity -20~93% R.H

capacitive fingerprint scanner module ID1019R is widely used in fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint access control and fingerprint attendance, etc.