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Finger Scanner

finger scanner ID1028 capacitive fingerprint development module, high speed, fast recognition, high stability

The finger scanner ID1028 is a capacitive fingerprint development module with high speed, fast recognition and high stability. It is an intelligent integrated module with high performance Cortex-M4 core, high security IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint algorithm, semiconductor fingerprint sensor, fingerprint entry, image processing, template generation, template storage, fingerprint matching and search. It is easy to use and does not require knowledge of fingerprint technology, the internal structure of the module and its operations, but only simple instructions. It provides standard secondary development of fingerprint components for research units, fingerprint product manufacturers and application integrators for fast and easy integration.


Product type: ID1028

CPU: ID808

Fingerprint capacity: 500/1700/3000

Sensor type: capacitive

Effective capture window: 10.4*14.4mm

Image size: 208*288pixel

Image resolution: 508dpi

Processing speed: 1:N matching time (500 pcs) < 0.6 sec

Matching method: 1:N and 1:1 matching

False Acceptance Rate (FAR): < 0.001 % (Security Level 3)

Rejection rate (FRR): < 2% (Security Level 3)

Communication interface: UART, 3.3V-TTL level

Baud rate: Baud rate 9600 - 115200 (bps) Factory setting: 115200 bps

Template size: < 448 bytes

Operating system: Windows/Android

Operating voltage: 3.3V

Operating current: < 40mA

Operating temperature: -20 °C ~ 55 °C

Operating humidity: 20% - 90% R.H

The finger scanner ID1020 is widely used in the development of fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint access control, fingerprint time and attendance and other scenarios.

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