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Fingerprint Scanner Android

Model: ID1017
Name: Fingerprint Scanner Android
Brand: IDWorld

Fingerprint scanner android is a semiconductor fingerprint recognition module developed by IDWorld. Using capacitive sensor, ID812 processor as the core, combined with IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm and SDK development kit, can complete fingerprint entry, image processing, feature extraction, template storage, fingerprint comparison (including 1:1 and 1:N) , Template deletion and other functions. The fingerprint module supports standard UART communication, which is convenient for embedding in various terminal devices.


IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm, fast and accurate verification

With over-current protection circuit and ESD protection circuit to prevent product damage caused by static electricity

With fingerprint entry, image processing, feature extraction, template generation, fingerprint comparison (including 1:1 and 1:N), template deletion, etc.

Using capacitive sensor, cost-effective

The sensor is light, thin and compact, and can be flexibly embedded in various terminal devices

Support embedded development of operating systems such as Windows and Android

Can provide open communication protocol manual


Product model: ID1019

Template capacity: 80/200/500 pieces

Image size: 192*192 pixel

Image resolution: 508dpi

Algorithm version: IDFingerV6.0

Template size: 498 Bytes

Communication method: UART

Operating System: Windows/Android

Working power supply: 3.3V~6.0V

Working environment: working temperature: -20℃~55℃; working humidity: 10%~90% R.H


Fingerprint Scanner Android

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