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ISO 19794-2 Fingerprint Scanner Module

ISO 19794-2 Fingerprint Scanner Module Compliant with international standards such as ISO19794-2, ISO19794-4, ANSI 378, ANSI 381 and WSQ

The ISO 19794-2 Fingerprint Scanner Module ID_A360 is a slim optical fingerprint module that supports FBI PIV certification in the USA and STQC certification in India. The module adopts high-definition optical fingerprint imaging technology, with good imaging effect for fingerprint acquisition, fast acquisition speed and strong adaptability to wet and dry fingers, which can meet the acquisition and certification of fingerprint acquisition needs of large countries and cities. It can be flexibly embedded in all kinds of hardware terminals that need to meet international certification standards. ID_A360 supports Windows, Android and other embedded operating systems and provides a complete SDK development kit, so integrators can quickly complete secondary development.

Technical parameters.

Sensor type: optical.

Acquisition method: Press type.

Image size: 256 '360 pixels.

Image resolution: 500dpi.

Grey scale: 8-bit, 256 levels.

Acceptance leave rate below 0.0001% ((FAR):).

Scrap rate ((FRR):) less than 1%.

Comparison time: < 0.1s (1:1), < 0.5s (1purn, 100pieces).

Communication interface: USB T.

Support systems: Windows; Android; embedded.

Operating voltage: 3.8-5V.

Operating current: <40mA.

Static protection: Contact discharge: ±8KV Air discharge: ±15KV.

Operating temperature: -10°C to 55°C.

Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 60°C.

Operating humidity: < 90% R.H (non-condensing)

Storage humidity: 20: 93% R.H.

ISO 19794-2 Fingerprint Scanner Module are used in government, education, medical, financial, social security and other industries that require fingerprint authentication and security control.