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Advantages of Ultrasonic Fingerprint Module

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Advantages of Ultrasonic Fingerprint Module

For smart phones, the most popular unlocking party is fingerprint recognition, which includes optical fingerprint recognition and ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. The second-generation ultrasonic fingerprint module used in the recently released Meizu 18 series has greatly improved both in speed and accuracy. What are the specific benefits of it ?

At present, fingerprint recognition under the common optical screen requires the highest brightness of the screen to illuminate the fingerprint when unlocking the screen, which greatly affects the experience when used at night, and this scanning method is 2D, which is in recognition accuracy and safety. None of them are excellent.

The fingerprint recognition under the ultrasonic screen scans the fingerprint through ultrasonic waves, and does not require the screen to turn on the highest brightness. At the same time, the pulses emitted by the ultrasonic sensor can sense the unique holes and ridges of the fingerprint to form 3D depth data, which is accurate and safe. Sex has been further improved.

In addition, in the case of dirty or wet hands, the fingerprint recognition under the optical screen cannot be unlocked very stably, while the ultrasonic fingerprint module does not have this problem. This will directly upgrade the user experience and ensure that the user is in most situations You can easily unlock your phone.

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