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Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor surface hardness up to 6H, scratch resistant, resolution of 508 DPI, clearer image Large set area, high recognition rate, complies with CE and RoHS international standards

The fingerprint sensor is an ultra-thin CMOS fingerprint sensor that can be used in a wide range of applications such as computer peripherals, access control, time and attendance, and security applications. The diamond coating on the surface provides up to 6H hardness and protects the sensor against scratches, impacts and daily wear and tear. Equipped with an ergonomic guide frame, the A285 guides the user to place their finger on the sensor, resulting in higher recognition performance. The metal frame can effectively improve ESD protection up to 15kV. An 8-pin flex connector on the back side supports a 4-pin SPI interface.

Technical specifications:

Model: A285

Type: Technical specifications

Resolution: 508 DPI

Image capture speed: 20 fps

Sensor type: Capacitive

Security key: 64-bit encryption

Hardness: 6H

Surface: Diamond-like coating

Power input: 1.8-3.3VDC @ 1.5mA, sleep mode 2uA, detection mode 15uA

Anti-static: ESD IEC 61000-4-2 LEVEL 4 plus or minus 15KV overhead discharge

Ambient temperature: -20~60 °C / < RH 90%  

Sensing area: 208 x 288 pixels

Pixel resolution: 256 grayscale values

Module size: 20.4 X 33.4 X 2.3 mm (except connector)

Interface: 8-pin connector, 1mm pitch, SPI

Approvals: CE, RoHS

Fingerprint sensors are widely used in: bank teller management systems, security, education and other handheld mobile terminals POS, fingerprint encryption U-Key fingerprint locks, fingerprint access control, time and attendance machines, computer peripheral applications, etc.

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