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Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Sensor: Optical   Capacity: 500ID   Interface: Uart

Optical Fingerprint Sensor ID1042, the fingerprint sensor is sensitive and the recognition speed is fast. It adopts high-precision optical path and imaging components. When using it, you only need to tap your finger to quickly recognize it. Based on the fingerprint comparison algorithm IDFingerV6.0 of Beijing IDWorld Technology Development Co., Ltd., it supports the storage of 2000 fingerprint templates. It has the characteristics of small size, easy development, simple use, fast collection, and rich interfaces. It can be flexibly embedded in various terminal devices without any additional accessories.


Clear imaging and fast recognition

Small size, easy to embed into various terminal equipment

Low false positive rate, high recognition rate

Dry/wet/rough fingers have good imaging quality, suitable for a wide range of people


Category: Parameters

Processor (CPU): ID809

Sensor: Optical

Fingerprint capacity: 500/1700/3000 pieces

False acceptance rate: Less than 0.001% (when the security level is 5)

Rejection rate: Less than2% (when the security level is 5)

Wear resistance: 1 million times

Antistatic index: 150KV

Current: Less than 40ma

Input time: Less than 0.5 seconds

Comparison time: Less than 0.5 seconds

Comparison method: 1:1 1:N

Security level: 1-15 (can be customized)

Eigenvalue template size: 498 bytes

Communication interface: UART interface

Power interface: serial port power supply, external power supply

Power: 3.3

Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Optical Fingerprint Sensor ID1042 application case: fingerprint integration applications such as fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint access control, fingerprint attendance, etc.; integrated in various security products, such as intercom, switches, personnel identification, authority management, etc.