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  • Q What are the general sleep and wake-up methods of the fingerprint module?

    A In general, there are two types, the sensor itself has a sleep wake-up function and is realized by an external touch chip. Different fingerprint module implementations will be different.
  • Q What is the general security level of the fingerprint module?

    A According to the customer's specific situation, it can generally be set to 3 or 2. The higher the security level, the more matching feature points, and the higher the recognition rate.
  • Q How to develop after purchasing the fingerprint module?

    A Generally, after purchasing the fingerprint module, refer to the communication protocol of the module user manual to write commands to achieve the required functions. Please be sure to carefully check the user manual. If there are technical problems during use, we will provide technical support.
  • Q How much power does a fingerprint module consume?

    A In principle the power consumption of the optical module is higher, the power consumption of the semiconductor module is lower. Our fingerprint modules have a touch wake function and the power consumption in standby is only at the microampere (ΜA) level and only at the milliampere (MA) level when making registration comparisons. As long as the touch wake function is used effectively, the power consumption problem will be greatly reduced.
  • Q How do we test our fingerprint modules?

    A When purchasing our modules, you can go to the download centre on the official website or get the supporting test software, specification book and other information from the sales manager. Modules using the serial port for testing need to connect the serial port to the computer via a TTL to USB adapter board. Modules using the USB port for testing are directly connected to the computer and can test their basic functions by opening the test software.
  • Q What interface do fingerprint modules use to communicate?

    A Our fingerprint modules ID1028/ID1020/ID1011 support both UART and USB interfaces, the rest of the models only support UART interface for communication, UART is TTL logic level. Please pay attention to this when selecting a module.
  • Q What happens to the finger will affect the recognition effect?

    A Generally, when the fingers are severely damaged, extremely dry, and extremely wet. There are also oil stains, water stains, a lot of sweat or a lot of dust on the finger or fingerprint collection area, which will cause the fingerprint to fail. It is recommended to take corresponding measures when using the fingerprint device in this situation.
  • Q Which one is more durable, optical or capacitive fingerprint module?

    A In terms of durability, the contact surface of the capacitive fingerprint is relatively fragile, and it is easy to cause aging and damage due to time issues. The optical fingerprint recognition has passed the test of time, and even the glass plate on the recognition head does not need to be covered with coating. Optical fingerprints are also much more adaptable to the environment, and are more suitable for use in the humid south.
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