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Fingerprint Chip

Fingerprint chip for fingerprint recognition technology supplier IDWorld company launched a new fingerprint recognition series of dedicated MCU, which can provide a safe, high-speed and cost-effective hardware development platform for fingerprint recognition system. Fingerprint recognition technology as a stable and reliable information protection and identity verification technology is increasingly widely used and has broad market prospects, the new series of dedicated MCU is by virtue of enhanced processing power, comprehensive optimization of resource allocation and power efficiency, low cost and flexible use of the advantages, to help the application and popularity of fingerprint recognition algorithms.

The fingerprint chip is equipped with IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm. IDWorld has 16 years of profound accumulation in the fingerprint field, and the independent IDFinger fingerprint recognition algorithm is constantly iterating on performance improvement according to market demand and user feedback. The new IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm has stable, accurate, fast and reliable performance characteristics, as well as easy to use advantages such as deep self-learning, self-adaptation and 360° arbitrary Angle recognition, which can accurately collect and identify fingerprints, including rough, dry and damaged fingerprints, each fingerprint feature extraction and recognition can be quickly completed.