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ID809 fingerprint chip

Model: ID809   Max Speed: 150MHz   SRAM:128K   Flash:1M

ID809 fingerprint chip for fingerprint technology supplier IDWorld company launched fingerprint identification series dedicated MCU, widely used in fingerprint module, fingerprint lock, fingerprint access control machine, fingerprint attendance and other industries, can provide fingerprint identification system with a safe, high-speed and extremely cost advantage hardware development platform. Fingerprint identification technology as a stable and reliable information protection and identification technology is increasingly widely used and has a broad market prospects, the new ID809 series dedicated MCU is by virtue of enhanced processing power, comprehensive optimization of resource allocation and power consumption efficiency, low cost and flexible and easy to use advantages, to help the application and popularity of fingerprint identification algorithm.

The ID809 uses a high performance ARM Cortex-M4 kernel of up to 168MHz to provide a complete DSP instruction set and a dedicated floating-point operation unit (FPU), which directly supports complex operations such as trigonometry, filtering and convolution to speed up the execution of fingerprint algorithms. The core access flash high-speed zero wait, the highest frequency of work performance can reach 210DMIPS, CoreMark test can reach 565 points. Thus, it can support the whole process of advanced fingerprint recognition operation with enhanced power, including a series of instructions such as fingerprint image preprocessing, segmentation and splicing, data feature extraction, feature matching, cross-comparison, identification and unlocking, etc., and also significantly improve the efficiency of fingerprint registration and matching. The chip is equipped with a large capacity of 1MB built-in Flash and up to 128KB SRAM, which can support the resource overhead of identification process such as multi-fingerprint information storage and dynamic allocation of memory.

In addition to incorporating powerful computing capabilities, the new ID809 also incorporates a wealth of peripheral interfaces to improve connectivity and integration. It includes one 16-bit advanced timer, four 16-bit universal timers, and two multi-channel DMA controllers. It also integrates 2 USART, 2 SPI, 1 I2C, 1 USB 2.0 FS interface and 2 12-bit, 10-channel high-speed ADCs with sampling rate up to 2.6M SPS to support PC communication, sensor control, information sampling and a variety of data transmission requirements. Up to 26 GPIOs are provided on chip with support for external interrupt input and port remapping. The bottom layer of fingerprint information is automatically encrypted and stored safely and reliably. Combined with the built-in 96-bit Unique ID, it can effectively prevent the chip from being copied or stolen, which brings double protection for the security of fingerprint information.

The chip uses 2.6V-3.6V power supply, and the I/O port can withstand 5V level. Provides three power saving modes and supports finger automatic detection and interrupt wake up. Maximum operating current in full speed mode is only 380µA/MHz, and standby current in battery powered mode is less than 1µA, achieving an excellent energy consumption ratio while ensuring high performance. More with 6KV electrostatic protection (ESD) and excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) capabilities, all in line with industrial high reliability and temperature standards.

The ID809 fingerprint chip uses the IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm. IDWorld has 20 years of profound accumulation in the field of fingerprint. The independent IDFinger fingerprint recognition algorithm is constantly iterating with improved performance according to market demand and user feedback. The new IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm is stable, accurate, fast, and reliable, and has the advantages of deep self-learning, self-adaptation, and 360° arbitrary Angle recognition. It can accurately collect and identify fingerprints, including rough, dry, and damaged fingerprints, and can be quickly extracted and recognized each time.