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ID808 fingerprint chip

Powerful performance, embedded high security fingerprint algorithm

ID808 fingerprint chip is a fingerprint recognition series dedicated MCU for fingerprint technology supplier IDWorld, which can provide a safe and high-speed hardware development platform for fingerprint recognition systems. Fingerprint recognition technology, as a stable and reliable information protection and identity confirmation technology, is increasingly widely used and has broad market prospects. The ID808 dedicated MCU is based on enhanced processing capabilities, fully optimized resource allocation and power efficiency, low cost and The advantages of flexibility and ease of use help the application and popularization of fingerprint recognition algorithms.

ID808 is produced using the industry's advanced technology process, ARM® Cortex™-M4 core, main frequency: 144MHz, SRAM: 96KB, FLASH: 1MB (expandable). It not only has higher processing power, but also further optimizes power consumption, making development and design more convenient and faster. QS808 is embedded with a new generation IDFinger6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm which is widely praised in the industry. IDFinger 6.0 is a core fingerprint recognition algorithm developed by IDWorld, and it is also one of IDWorld's core competitiveness. Since the release of the first version, the IDFinger6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm has been continuously updated and optimized according to the needs of society and users, continuously improving user experience, and constantly innovating fingerprint recognition technology, which has been widely praised in the industry. The new IDFinger6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm, fingerprint recognition speed, high accuracy, support 360-degree recognition at any angle, with deep self-learning function.

ID808 is widely used in: fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint padlocks, fingerprint access control, time and attendance, fingerprint U disks and other industries that require fingerprint authentication.