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Capacitive fingerprint sensor

Model: ID1011    Brand: IDWorld    Type: Capacitive

The Capacitive fingerprint sensor adopts a capacitive sensor and a high-performance processor, which is characterized by compact size, easy to develop, easy to use and fast collection.


ID1028 consists of high-performance processor, fingerprint sensor and IDFinger fingerprint algorithm. It can provide customers with efficient and flexible secondary development support to fully meet customer needs. The product has a simple structure and modular design, which has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and static resistance, which improves the stability and consistency of the product. ID1028 semiconductor fingerprint module provides a general serial port that can be used for external control (host computer). According to the communication protocol designed by the integrated program, the development interface is simple, which is convenient for the secondary development of industry users, reduces the difficulty of product development, and shortens the product development cycle.


Electronic lock

Safe case

Access control system

Attendance machine

Drawer lock


Model: ID1028

CPU: ID809/808

Sensor Type: Capacitive

Image size: 200*152pixel

Image Resolution: 363dpi

Fingerprint registration capacity: 170/500/1000 pieces,

False Recognition Rate (FAR): < 0.001 % (Security Level is 3)

Authenticity rejection rate (FRR): < 2% (Security Level is 3)

Fingerprint template size: 498 bytes Byte

Security level setting: Level 1 to Level 5 can be set, factory setting value: Level 3

Fingerprint registration time: < 3 seconds

Fingerprint comparison method: 1:1 / 1:N

Comparison time: <0.2 seconds (1:1), <0.5 seconds (1:170)

Communication interface: UART, 3.3V-TTL level

Baud rate: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 (bps) Factory setting: 115200bps

Working voltage: DC3.3V±10%

Working current: <40mA

Working environment: Working temperature: -10℃ - 60℃ Relative humidity: 20% – 80%

Working humidity: <90%R.H (non-condensing)

Storage humidity: 20~93% R.H

Support system: Windows; Android; Embedded


Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

Packing list

PH1.25 7P Cable 

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor