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fpc fingerprint sensor

Model: ID1016   Brand: IDWorld   Interface :spi

The fpc fingerprint sensor ID1016 runs the new IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm with fast comparison speed and high accuracy. The algorithm supports intelligent self-learning and 360° rotation acquisition and comparison. It has strong adaptability to dry and wet fingers and has good adaptability to different types of fingers. ID1016 adopts the integrated design of motherboard and sensor, has simple structure and small size, and can be flexibly embedded in a variety of products with limited volume, integrating fingerprint acquisition, image processing, feature extraction, fingerprint registration, fingerprint comparison, fingerprint deletion and other functions in one. The main control is a dedicated 32-bit Cortex-M4 core processor with a CPU frequency of up to 150MHz. ID1016 electrostatic high voltage, strong anti-interference ability, solid shape. Standard UART communication, provide a complete communication protocol and instruction set, secondary development is simple, support Windows, Android, embedded devices.


Fingerprint door-lock

Drawer Lock

Fingerprint access control attendance machine


Model: ID1016

Sensor type: semiconductor capacitive

Capture window size: 12.8mm x 12.8mm

Effective image size: 8mm x 8mm

Image resolution: 508 dpi

Image size: 160x160 pixels

Fingerprint recognition time: <0.1 seconds (1:1), <0.5 seconds (1:N,80 pieces)

Fingerprint user capacity: 80/200

Fingerprint registration time: < 3 seconds

Fingerprint comparison mode: 1:1:1 :N

Rejection rate (FRR) : <2%

Recognition rate (FAR) : <0.001%

Communication interface: UART

Support system: Windows; Android; embedded

Working voltage: DC 3.3

Working current: < 40 mA

Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 65°C

Working humidity: 20-93% R.H

Working humidity: < 90%R.H (non-condensation)

Storage humidity: 20 ~ 93% R.H


fpc fingerprint sensor

Packing list

1.0mm-6PIN cable

Fpc fingerprint sensor