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FPC1020 fingerprint sensor

Image size :192*192pixel   Image resolution: 508dpi   Interface :spi

FPC1020 fingerprint sensor is a high-quality robust fingerprint sensor with a new thick, hard, and scratch-resistant coating.The FPC1020 is a new compact CMOS fingerprint sensor with several significant advantages. It delivers best-in-class image quality with 256 gray-scale values in every single programmable pixel. The sensor can read virtually any finger-dry or wet. Thanks to the extremely hard and durable surface coating capable of withstanding more than 10 million finger placements, the FPC1020 is protected against ESD well above 30 kV as well as against scratches and everyday wear and tear.The FPC1020 has ultra-low power consumption and consumes less than 5 mA when reading an image.


Fingerprint area sensor

Superior 3D image quality

508 dpi resolution

192 x 192 pixels with 8 bit depth

High speed SPI interface

Ultra low power consumption

1.8 Volt operation

Extended ESD range 30kV

Wake up functionality

Integrate bezel

Ultra-thin 16-pin PCB flex film connector


Smart door lock

Secure case

Smart phone

Access control system

Attendance machine


FPC1020 fingerprint sensor

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FPC1020 fingerprint sensor