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Capacitive fingerprint sensor is widely used in smart locks

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Capacitive fingerprint sensor used in smart lock has many advantages. First of all, fingerprint recognition is a more secure and convenient way of identity authentication than the traditional authentication methods such as password and key, because fingerprint is one of the biological characteristics in the human body that cannot be copied. Secondly, using fingerprint identification technology can avoid security risks caused by key theft or password disclosure. In addition, fingerprint recognition technology can improve user's convenience, as only needing to touch the Capacitive fingerprint scanner to complete the lock operation without carrying any extra items.

In the field of intelligent lock, fingerprint recognition technology has been widely used. The smart lock uses the Capacitive fingerprint sensor to verify a user's identity and can also support the storage of multiple groups of fingerprint information, so that family members or office workers can conveniently share the same smart lock. At the same time, the smart lock can also be linked with other smart home devices, such as smart doorbell, camera and other devices, so as to achieve a more comprehensive family security.

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