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Fingerprint recognition algorithm IDFingerV6.0 released

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Fingerprint recognition algorithm IDFingerV6.0 released

IDFingerV6.0 is IDWorld's new generation of fingerprint recognition algorithms, based on IDWorld's 16 years of fingerprint recognition research and development experience, bringing security, convenience, speed and smooth experience to fingerprint products such as fingerprint modules.


With 16 years of experience in the fingerprint field, IDWorld is a leader in fingerprint recognition and has reached an advanced level of technology and product strength. The new IDFinger V6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm is widely acclaimed in the industry, with in-depth optimisation, comprehensive speed-up, and experience beyond imagination. With stable, accurate, fast and reliable performance features, as well as easy-to-use advantages such as deep self-learning, adaptive and 360° arbitrary angle recognition, it can accurately capture and recognise all kinds of fingerprints, including rough, dry and damaged fingerprints, and each fingerprint feature extraction and recognition can be completed within milliseconds.

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