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Launched a fingerprint module with a new algorithm

Views: 5     Author: IDWorld     Publish Time: 2022-09-14      Origin: http://www.idwdfp.com/

Launched a fingerprint module with a new algorithm

Recently, fingerprint modules equipped with the new IDFingerV6 fingerprint recognition algorithm, optical fingerprint modules and semiconductor fingerprint modules have been launched. The product experience is better and the security is higher.

Fingerprint recognition algorithm is the core technology of Beijing IDWorld Technology Development Co., Ltd. It has been continuously developed after 18 years of commercial testing. The sixth-generation newly upgraded fingerprint recognition algorithm IDFingerV6 adopts the algorithm of deep fusion of stable structural features and image features, and its false recognition rate (FAR), rejection rate (FRR), rejection rate (ERR) and other performance have been greatly improved. The processing effect of low-quality fingerprint images such as too dry, too wet, scars, peeling, etc., is significantly enhanced, and the algorithm comparison speed is significantly improved.

IDWorld's optical Fingerprint module, Fingerprint Sensor, and fingerprint reader are all equipped with IDFingerV6 fingerprint algorithm.

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