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New capacitive fingerprint sensor released

Views: 2     Author: IDWorld     Publish Time: 2023-05-22      Origin: Site

The latest news shows that in the field of fingerprint recognition technology, a new type of capacitive fingerprint sensor has been officially released, which adopts the leading deep learning algorithm to achieve efficient and accurate fingerprint recognition.

Different from traditional fingerprint recognition technology, this capacitive fingerprint sensor can quickly and accurately identify fingerprint texture and its horizontal, vertical and oblique lines and other features. At the same time, the sensor's deep learning algorithm can recognize tiny features such as blood vessels and sweat pores under the fingerprint, greatly reducing the possibility of fraud.

In terms of response speed, the new sensor can be triggered instantaneously to quickly respond to user actions, allowing users to quickly and easily unlock the device or fingerprint authentication. In addition, the sensor has a wide range of applicability and can be applied to a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The capacitive fingerprint sensor is already on the market and has been used in a wide range of devices. The birth of this new fingerprint identification technology will further improve the accuracy and security index of fingerprint identification technology, and provide users with more secure and efficient fingerprint unlock and fingerprint authentication experience.

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