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STQC optical fingerprint module sell well in the Indian market

Views: 26     Author: IDWorld     Publish Time: 2022-09-05      Origin: www.idwdfp.com

STQC optical fingerprint module sell well in the Indian market

The STQC optical fingerprint module ID-A360 independently developed by IDWorld has entered the Indian market and is an ultra-thin optical fingerprint module that complies with STQC technical standards. STQC fingerprint module ID-A360 adopts high-definition multi-prism optical fingerprint imaging technology. The fingerprint collection area is large, the collection speed is fast, and the imaging is clear. Its image quality meets the requirements of Indian STQC. This will provide strong technical support and security guarantee for IDWorld to better serve the UID biometric authentication project of Indian citizens.

Aadhaar is an identification project led by UIDAI. This project will use STQC fingerprint reader and other equipment to collect citizen information including photos, fingerprints and irises, and generate a 12-digit identification number as a unique identification number (UID) for citizenship, which will be incorporated into India Government Central Database. The project has completed the collection of biometric data on 1.1 billion people, covering more than 90% of India's population. At present, Aadhaar has penetrated deeply into the life of Indian citizens, and UID is directly connected to personal bank accounts, mobile phone numbers, insurance policies and other services, which is one of the basic conditions for real-name authentication for various businesses in India. Whether you go to school, see a doctor, handle financial business in a bank, apply for government projects, etc., you need to register with Aadhaar before you can do it.

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