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The bank card also has fingerprint recognition

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The bank card also has fingerprint recognition

Fingerprints will replace passwords. With the development of innovative technology, BNP Paribas will launch the first batch of Visa Premier bank cards that can be identified by fingerprints in France.

In the past few years, many banks have begun to experiment with biometric technology, but it has not been widely used in commercialization. Jean-Marie Dragon, director of BNP Paribas’s innovative payment and business computerization system, revealed that the first will be launched this fall. A batch of 10,000-15,000 biometric bank cards.

The specific method of using the fingerprint card is as follows: after receiving the fingerprint card, the user inserts the card into the card reader to enter the fingerprint. The user can select one fingerprint to enter five times, and the machine will prompt for confirmation after each successful entry. For security reasons, users still need to enter a password when paying for the first time, and then they can use their fingerprints to pay directly, and there is no upper limit control on the amount. When paying, place your finger on the fingerprint frame of the card, and you can pay a few centimeters away from the cash register of the merchant.

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