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as608 optical fingerprint sensor

Model:ID1055   Brand:IDWorld   Interface:Uart

as608 optical fingerprint sensor ID1055 adopts infrared dark background optical path imaging technology, which effectively solves the problem of residual fingerprints in optical fingerprint module and difficult to collect with dry fingers, and the effect of dry and wet fingerprints is good. Running IDworld v6.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm, the recognition speed is fast and accurate, and it supports intelligent self-learning and 360-degree arbitrary angle recognition. Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor Module provides UART interface and communication protocol, easy to operate, and is equipped with PC demonstration, learning software, related tools and microcontroller routines.


Optical fingerprint imaging system, fingerprint acquisition speed, good image

Dark background optical fingerprint sensor, no fingerprint residue, to ensure the quality of the image collection

IDFinger fingerprint algorithm, intelligent self-learning, so that dry, wet, rough fingers have good imaging effect;

Support for Windows, Android and other embedded operating systems;

Provide complete SDK development kit, integrator can quickly complete secondary development.


Sensor Type Optical Fingerprint

Image size 242*266pixel

Image resolution 500dpi

Distortion rate Less than1%

False acceptance rate Less than0.001%

Rejection rate Less than1%

Module capacity 2000 pieces

Template size 498 bytes

Interface type Molex51021~0700 (7pin; 1.25mm)

Operating System Windows/Android

Working voltage 3.3V

Working temperature -20~55℃

Working humidity 20%~90% (R.H)

Communication method UART (115200bps/TTL3.3V

Support algorithm IDFinger V6.0


The Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor Module can be flexibly embedded on various hardware terminals and applied to industries requiring identity authentication and security control through fingerprints.


as608 optical fingerprint sensor

Packing list

1.0mm-6PIN cable

as608 optical fingerprint sensor