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Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

It employs a dry-wet finger adaptation technology, which is well-suited to different types of fingers.

The biometric fingerprint scanner ID1021 is a touch fingerprint recognition module, consisting of the ID811 fingerprint recognition algorithm board and capacitive fingerprint sensor. ID1021 has the advantages of good experience, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-static. The ID1021 is equipped with the ID811 processor, which is powerful and has low power consumption. The fingerprint collection, storage and comparison are all processed within the chip, which makes the processing speed fast and the development interface simple, making it easy for secondary development by industry users, thus reducing the difficulty of product development and shortening the product development cycle, while minimising the fingerprint module through integration.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner




Fingerprint sensor:Capacitive  508dpi pixel: 160*160

Fingerprint capacity:80/200/500 pieces

FAR:Less than0.001% (Security Level is 3)

FRR:Less than2% (Security Level is 3)

Comparison method:1:N and 1:1 comparison

Fingerprint template size:1008 bytes Byte

Security level setting Level:1 to Level 5 can be set, factory setting value: Level 3

Processing speed:Fingerprint feature extraction time Less than1 seconds

1:N comparison time (when80 pieces are fully registered) Less than0.5 seconds

Communication interface:UART, USB

Baud rate:The baud rate is 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 (bps)

Operating Voltage:Win voltage: DC3.3V±10%

Working current:<40ma

working environment:Working temperature: -20℃-80℃ Relative humidity: 20%-80%


Biometric fingerprint scanners are widely used in smart door locks, access control systems, cabinet locks, and drawer locks, among other products.