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Capacitive Fingerprint Reader

Model number: ID1019B
Capacity: 500/1000
Interface: UART

Capacitive Fingerprint Reader adopts a capacitive fingerprint sensor, featuring clear imaging, fast collection speed and high recognition rate


ID1019 is a semiconductor fingerprint offline comparison module specially developed for various integrated devices. Combining a dedicated high-performance ARM processor and a capacitive fingerprint sensor, it has the advantages of small size, easy development, simple use, fast acquisition, and anti-counterfeiting. It has the characteristics of high performance and rich interfaces, and supports 170/500 fingerprint templates for storage and comparison, which is convenient for embedding into various terminal devices.

Technical specifications:

Item model number: ID1019

Sensor Type: Capacitive Fingerprint

Effective acquisition window: 9.6*9.6mm

Image size: 192*192pixel

Image Resolution: 508dpi

Distortion rate: <1%

Gray scale: 8 bit

False acceptance rate: <0.0001%

Rejection rate: <2%

Module capacity: 170/500 pieces

Template size: 448Bytes

Interface type: Molex51021~0700 (7pin; 1.25mm)

Operating System: Windows/Android

Operating voltage: 3.3V

Working temperature: -20~55℃

Working humidity: 20%~90% (R.H)

Communication method: UART (115200bps/TTL3.3V)

Support algorithm: IDFinger V6.0

Application Scenarios:

Capacitive Fingerprint Reader ID1019 is widely used in fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint access control and fingerprint attendance, etc.

Shipping List:

Capacitive Fingerprint Readerx1

1.25mm-7PIN cable x1