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Capacitive Fingerprint Reader

Model number: ID1019B   Interface :Uart   Capacity: 500/1000   

Capacitive Fingerprint Reader adopts a capacitive fingerprint sensor, featuring clear imaging, fast collection speed and high recognition rate


ID1019 is a semiconductor fingerprint offline comparison module specially developed for various integrated devices. Combining a dedicated high-performance ARM processor and a capacitive fingerprint sensor, it has the advantages of small size, easy development, simple use, fast acquisition, and anti-counterfeiting. It has the characteristics of high performance and rich interfaces, and supports 170/500 fingerprint templates for storage and comparison, which is convenient for embedding into various terminal devices.


Capacitive sensor with clear imaging and excellent image quality

Small size, easy to embed in all kinds of terminal equipment

Dry/wet/rough fingers have better imaging quality, suitable for a wide range of people

Supports 1000 fingerprint template storage, low misjudgment rate, high recognition rate


Smart lock

Access control system

Drawer lock

Attendance machine


Item model number: ID1019

Sensor Type: Capacitive Fingerprint

Effective acquisition window: 9.6*9.6mm

Image size: 192*192pixel

Image Resolution: 508dpi

Distortion rate: <1%

Gray scale: 8 bit

False acceptance rate: <0.0001%

Rejection rate: <2%

Module capacity: 170/500 pieces

Template size: 448Bytes

Interface type: Molex51021~0700 (7pin; 1.25mm)

Operating System: Windows/Android

Operating voltage: 3.3V

Working temperature: -20~55℃

Working humidity: 20%~90% (R.H)

Communication method: UART (115200bps/TTL3.3V)

Support algorithm: IDFinger V6.0


Capacitive Fingerprint Reader

Development Resources


Shipping List

1.25mm-7PIN cable

Capacitive Fingerprint Reader