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Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner

Sensor: Capacitive
Image: 508 dpi 192x192 pixel
Capacity: 200ID
Interface: UART

Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner uses IDFinger fingerprint dynamic optimization algorithm, which is adaptable to wet and dry fingers.


The capacitive fingerprint sensor module ID1016 is a high-end semiconductor fingerprint recognition module developed by IDWorld. It has a compact structure and supports embedded systems, Windows systems and various Android devices. It uses standard UART communication, and with the SDK development kit, it can easily realize the customer fingerprint recognition function requirements. The new generation of IDFinger high security fingerprint algorithm from IDFinger has high image quality, high forgery resistance and effectively eliminates fake fingers and fingerprints, etc. The IDFinger high security fingerprint algorithm is well received by users worldwide and has a self-learning function, in particular, the newly extracted fingerprint features are fused into the fingerprint database after successful recognition. This enables the user to use the fingerprint more and more efficiently in the process.


Electrostatic high voltage resistance, strong anti-interference ability, solid shape

Small size, can be flexibly embedded in a variety of volume limited products

The algorithm supports self-learning and 360° rotation collection and comparison

Adopt standard UART communication, provide complete development kit, secondary development is simple

Supports Windows, Android, and embedded systems


CPU: ID811

Sensor: Semiconductor

Image size: 160*160 pixel

Image resolution: 508dpi

False recognition rate (FAR): Less than0.0001%

Rejection Rate (FRR): Less than2%

Matching time: Less than0.1 sec (1:1), Less than0.5 sec (1:N ,80 pcs)

Matching method: 1:1, 1:N

Fingerprint template size: 1008 bytes

Storage capacity: 80/200 fingerprints (optional)

Communication interface: UART or USB1.1/2.0 compatible SPI (custom)

Operating voltage: 3.3

Operating current: Less than40mA

Operating temperature: -10°C~55°C

Storage temperature: -40°C to 60°C

Operating Humidity: 20~90% R.H

Storage humidity: 17%~96%

The capacitive fingerprint sensor module ID1016 is widely used in embedded systems such as access control, door locks, safes and Android smart mobile terminals, mobile authentication and various other security applications.