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Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner

Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner is small in size, low in power consumption and high in reliability

Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner ID1025 is a capacitive fingerprint module independently designed and developed by IDWorld. Using capacitive sensors and high-performance processors, it has the characteristics of high compatibility, fast acquisition speed, strong anti-counterfeiting ability, simple use and low power consumption. The product adopts Uart communication, split design, compact and lightweight, and can be widely used in various desktop and portable devices.


Item model number: ID1025

Sensor Type: Capacitive

Effective acquisition window: 9mm×9mm

Image size: 192 × 192pixel

Image Resolution: 508dpi

Fingerprint registration capacity: 500

False Recognition Rate (FAR): <0.001% (Security Level is 3)

Authenticity rejection rate (FRR): <2% (SecurityLevel is 3)

Alignment method: 1:N and 1:1 alignment

Fingerprint template size: 498 bytes Byte

Security level setting: Level1 to Level5 can be set, factory setting value: Level3

Processing speed: 1:N comparison time (200 full registrations) <0.6 seconds

Communication interface: UART, 3.3V-TTL level

Baud rate: The baud rate is 9600--115200 (bps) Factory setting: 115200bps

Working voltage: Win voltage: DC3.3V±10%

Working current: less than 40mA

Working environment: Working temperature: -10℃-60℃ Relative humidity: 20%–80%

Operating System: Windows, Android

Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner ID1025 is widely used in fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint access control and fingerprint attendance, etc.

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