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Fingerprint Reader Module

Model: ID1020B   Capacity: 500 pieces   Communication interface: UART

Fingerprint Reader Module uses UART communication, provides complete development package, easy secondary development


ID1020B is based on the core of the ID809/812 processor, a semiconductor capacitive fingerprint sensor with ultra-high image quality, small size, low power consumption, fast acquisition speed, good adaptability to dry and wet fingers, and strong anti-counterfeiting capability. Running the widely acclaimed IDWDfinger high-performance fingerprint core algorithm, not only is the recognition speed fast and accurate, but also the unique adaptive fingerprint recognition technology, which has the function of learning and self-improvement, automatically storing the new fingerprint characteristics in the product when the fingerprint changes, achieving the purpose of automatically adapting to fingerprint changes. ID1020B adopts standard USB/UART communication. Simple structure and small size allow flexible embedding in a variety of size constrained products. Supports Windows, embedded and Android systems.


Powerful core: dedicated 32-bit ARM core with up to 120MHz main frequency.

Compact size: single-chip architecture and small size for flexible embedding in a variety of size constrained products.

High security: IDWDfinger high-performance self-learning fingerprint algorithm, fast and accurate fingerprint recognition

High adaptability: excellent adaptability to all kinds of fingerprints, including dry, wet and difficult fingerprints

Correction and matching: fingerprint algorithm supports automatic correction and recognition, and supports 360° rotation for acquisition and matching.

Simple development: complete SDK development kit is provided, easy to develop.

System compatibility: support embedded, Android, Windows multiple environment development.


Model: ID1020B

CPU: ID809/811

Sensor: capacitive type

Image resolution: 508dpi

Image size: 192*192pixel

Capacity: 170/500/1000 pieces

FAR: Less than 0.001 % (Security Level is 3)

FRR: Less than 2 % (Security Level is 3)

Security Level: Level 1 to Level 5 Configurable, factory setting value: Level 3

Fingerprint template: 448 bytes

Fingerprint registration time: Less than 3 seconds

Fingerprint comparison mode: 1:1:1 :N

Comparison time: Less than0.2 s (1:1), Less than0.5 s (1:170)

Communication interface: UART,3.3V-TTL level

Baud rate: 9600-115200 (bps) Factory: 115200bps

Operating voltage: DC3.3V±10%

Operating current: Less than 40mA

Working environment: Working temperature: -10℃ -60 ℃ Relative humidity: 20%-80%

Operating humidity: Less than 90%R.H (non-condensation)

Storage humidity: 20 ~ 93% R.H

Support system: Windows; Android; The embedded


ID1020B is widely used in fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint access controls and fingerprint attendance check.s.


Fingerprint Reader Module

Packing list

1.25mm-7PIN cable

Fingerprint Reader Module