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Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Model: ID1042   Brand: IDWorld   Interface :Uart

The optical fingerprint scanner ID1042 module has sensitive fingerprint sensor and fast recognition speed. Using high-precision light path and imaging elements, when using, only a light touch of a finger can be quickly identified. ID1042 is based on ID808 high-speed digital processor, combined with IDFingerV6.0 fingerprint algorithm, high-precision optical sensor, intelligent module with fingerprint entry, image processing, feature value extraction, template generation, template storage, fingerprint comparison and search functions ; Provide UART interface and communication protocol, easy to operate, and equipped with PC demonstration, learning software, related tools and MCU routines.


project description

Model: IDWD1042

CPU: 120MHz main frequency, 1MBitsFlashMemory, 128KBSRAM

Fingerprint sensor: optical fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint registration capacity: 500/1700/3000

False recognition rate (FAR): Less than0.001% (SecurityLevel is 3)

False Rejection Rate (FRR): Less than2% (SecurityLevel is 3)

Comparison method: 1:N and 1:1 comparison

Fingerprint template size: 498 bytes Byte

Security level setting: Level1 to Level5 can be set, factory setting value: Level3

Processing speed: 1:N comparison time (when 200 pieces are fully registered) Less than0.6 seconds

Communication interface: UART, 3.3V-TTL level

Baud rate: Baud rate is 9600--115200 (bps) Factory setting: 115200bps

Working voltage: Win voltage: DC3.3V±10%

Working current: less than 40mA

Working environment: Working temperature: -10℃-60℃ Relative humidity: 20%–80%


ID1042 module application cases: fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint access control, fingerprint attendance and other fingerprint integrated applications; integrated in various security products, such as intercom, switch, personnel identification, authority management, etc.


Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Packing list

1.25mm-7PIN cable

optical fingerprint scanner