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Usb Fingerprint Scanner

Large collection area, clear imaging, applicable to a wide range of people


Usb fingerprint scanner ID1042 is an optical embedded fingerprint module, with IDWorld's fingerprint matching algorithm IDFingerV6.0 as the core, supporting 500/1700/3000 fingerprint template storage. It has the characteristics of small size, easy development, simple use, fast acquisition, and rich interfaces. It can be flexibly used and embedded in various terminal devices without any additional accessories. The ID1042 communication interface is UART. This module is used as a slave device, and the master device sends related commands to control it. The module has adjustable security level functions, fingerprint characteristic data read/write functions, 1:N identification and 1:1 Verification function, etc. ID1042 also uses human touch activation system technology. When a finger touches the fingerprint collector window, the system automatically activates and collects and compares fingerprints, making your product smarter.


Clear imaging and fast recognition

Small size, easy to be embedded in various terminal devices

Low misjudgment rate and high recognition rate

Dry/wet/rough fingers have good image quality, suitable for a wide range of people


Model: ID1042

CPU: ID808

Sensor type: optical fingerprint

Image size: 242*266pixel

Image resolution: 500dpi

False acceptance rate: Less than0.001%

Rejection rate: Less than2%

Module capacity: 500/3000 pieces

Template size: 498 bytes

Interface type: Uart

Operating System: Windows/Android

Working voltage: 3.3V

Working temperature: -20~55℃

Working humidity: 20%~90% (R.H)

Communication method: UART (115200bps/TTL3.3V)

Support algorithm: IDFinger V6.0


ID1042 is widely used in smart fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint attendance machines, fingerprint access control and other products.


Usb fingerprint scanner

Packing list

1.0mm-6PIN cable 

Usb fingerprint scanner