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Windows Hello Fingerprint Reader

windows hello Fingerprint Reader is a fingerprint identification module that supports windows hello.

windows hello Fingerprint Reader is a fingerprint recognition module developed by IDWorld that supports windows hello. It has the advantages of high pixel of fingerprint image and good effect of dry, wet and rough fingerprint. Running IDFinger fingerprint recognition algorithm, fast recognition speed, high recognition accuracy, can efficiently collect and identify dry, wet, broken skin, dirty fingers and other fingers. Support self-learning, support 360-degree fingerprint rotation collection, gently press your finger to obtain a clear fingerprint image.
Capacitive fingerprint sensor, clear imaging
The identification speed is fast and accurate, and supports rotating fingerprint
Dry/wet/rough fingers had better imaging quality
Applicable to a wide range of people
Technical parameters:
Product model: ID1056
Sensor type: capacitive
Image size: 192*56pixel
Image resolution: 500dpi
Operating system: Windows
Power supply: DC 5V
Operating temperature: -10~55℃
Working humidity: 0%~90% (non-condensing)
Communication mode: USB/UART
Supported algorithm: IDFinger V8.0
The windows hello fingerprint reader is widely used to identify fingerprints on Windows devices.