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Capacitive fingerprint sensor, leading the upgrade of biometric technology

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Capacitive fingerprint sensor, leading the upgrade of biometric technology

In recent years, with the vigorous advancement of artificial intelligence and other technologies, the rapid popularization of biometric technology, the face module and Fingerprint Sensor are no longer just the full-time use of public security criminal investigation departments. People can also use fingerprints to unlock, swipe their faces to punch cards every day... All of these all reflect the promising development prospects of the biometrics industry. As the latest technology of Capacitive fingerprint sensor, it will lead the continuous upgrading of biometric identification technology~

Optical fingerprint sensor is the earliest fingerprint identification technology, which is generally used in company access control and punch card systems. A red or green light source is seen at the bottom. Compared with the first-generation Optical fingerprint sensor, the Capacitive fingerprint sensor has the advantages of small size and wide applicability. Nowadays, more and more devices begin to use capacitive fingerprint modules. From a technical point of view, the Capacitive fingerprint sensor is more complicated than the Optical fingerprint sensor. The main principle is to use the surface of the finger skin as a pole. The ridges and valleys (high and low points on the fingerprint) form different capacitances due to the different distances from the chip surface. value, so that the capacitive fingerprint recognition sensor obtains fingerprint image information. It is then matched with the fingerprint library to complete fingerprint identification.

The advantages of Capacitive fingerprint sensor are small size, generally no distortion, better image quality, and easy integration in various devices.

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