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Fingerprint Module Working Principle

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What is the principle of fingerprint module? Fingerprint identification module technology principle introduction. Fingerprint, due to its lifelong invariance, uniqueness and convenience, has become almost synonymous with biometric identification. Fingerprints are lines on the skin at the end of a person's finger that are produced by bumps and dents on the front side of the finger. The lines are regularly arranged to form different patterns. This is the basis of fingerprint identification.

Principle of Fingerprint Identification Module

Fingerprint module can be classified according to the fingerprint identification method.

Optical fingerprint module: rely on the principle of light refraction and reflection to identify fingerprints.

Capacitive fingerprint module: collects fingerprints through the change of capacitance value.

RF Fingerprint Module (Scratch Fingerprint Module): using trace RF signal to detect the pattern.

Optical fingerprint module

Using the principle of refraction and reflection of light, light is shot from the bottom to the prism, and then shot out through the prism, the angle of refraction of the shot light on the fingerprint uneven lines on the fingerprint surface and the reflection of the light back to the angle of light and darkness will not be the same, the CMOS or CCD optical device will be collected to the different degree of darkness of the picture information, and then complete the collection of fingerprints.

Capacitive Fingerprint Module

Whether it is capacitive or inductive, the principle is similar, in a piece of "flat plate" integrated with thousands of semiconductor devices, the finger affixed to it and its composition of the capacitance (inductance) of the other side, due to the unevenness of the finger plane, the actual distance between the convex and concave points in contact with the flat plate size is not the same, the formation of capacitance / inductance value is not the same, according to this device, the fingerprint module will be used to capture the fingerprint information. According to this principle, the device summarises the different values collected and completes the fingerprint collection.

RF Fingerprint Module

Using RF fingerprint identification technology, the sensor itself emits trace RF signals to penetrate the epidermis of the finger to control the inner layer of the fingerprint to obtain the best fingerprint image. It has strong anti-fake fingerprint ability, and the RFID principle only reacts to human dermal skin, which fundamentally eliminates the problem of artificial fingerprints.

Capacitive fingerprint moduleOptical fingerprint module

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