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New large-area optical fingerprint sensor launched

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New large-area optical fingerprint sensor launched

ID-A360 is a high-performance, low-power, cost-effective TFT glass fingerprint sensor with TFT panel and active capacitive fingerprint sensor technology. Due to the high cost of fingerprint sensors on silicon substrates, it is not easy to develop large-area fingerprint sensors, while TFT glass panels can develop large-area fingerprint sensors thanks to the cost advantage, and can meet commercial-level needs. As for optical fingerprint sensor commonly used in large areas, they are also limited by their large size, limited portability, and factors such as recognition that they are easily affected by the external environment. It is difficult to use in mobile or outdoor environments, while TFT glass fingerprint sensors can be solve this pain point. ID-A360 adopts the high-performance fingerprint recognition algorithm independently developed by IDWorld, which can provide important verification protection for applications such as secure login and identification of these electronic devices.

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