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Usb Fingerprint Reader

High identification accuracy, support 360 degree fingerprint rotation acquisition

The usb fingerprint reader ID2201 is a professional fingerprint acquisition and authentication instrument product, specifically designed for secondary development safety authentication projects. The ID2201 fingerprint reader is small in size, low in cost, and has excellent performance. The inherently secure password allows you to have it at your fingertips. It has a variety of functions such as fingerprint entry, image processing, fingerprint comparison and template storage, and it has fast image acquisition speed, high image quality, good stability, and strong expansion capability (can be expanded to more than 100,000 fingerprints, depending on the hardware equipment conditions) . Through the fingerprint identification software development kit (SDK) provided by our company, secondary developers or system integrators can easily implement fingerprint identification security authentication functions.

Item: Parameters

Model: ID2201

Collection method: semiconductor collection

Fingerprint image: 288*208 pixels/508DPI

Fingerprint capacity: 10,000 pieces

Collection area: 14x10mm

Comparison method: 1:1 and 1:N comparison

Error rate: FAR 0.001% / FRR2.0%

Communication method: USB

Security level setting: 1~5, the factory default is 3

Comparison speed: 1,000 pieces/S

Use environment: Ambient humidity: 20~~80% Ambient temperature: 0°C~~60°C

Storage environment: Ambient humidity: 10~~90% Ambient temperature: -10°C~~80°C

Comparison environment: PC

Compatible operating system: Windows

Usb Fingerprint Reader runs IDFinger fingerprint algorithm identification speed less than 1s, accurate identification, high security, strong adaptability, can efficiently collect and identify dry, wet, broken skin, dirty finger. Provide complete SDK development kit, integrator can quickly complete secondary development.